It’s Been A Year

It’s been a year since this photo.

Front steps of the Auckland museum

Here’s a little background. So about a year ago I met this girl, “R”, who happened to be over here in New Zealand for an exchange. Little did I know that this adventure of chasing the moon (there was a lunar eclipse that night) would lead to many more spontaneous, late night, straight-up random shenanigans (spending $12.00 on Kinder Surprises included). Now, that may have given off quite the negative vibe but oh how much I had enjoyed these antics. 

Those times take me back a couple years to high school, back to when there were no cares in the world, running through the streets playing tag at 2:00 AM in the morning. Part of me tells me to go out and do reckless things like that during this time I have to prepare for my last exam this semester, instead I’m sitting here on my phone going down memory lane. It surprises me to think back at how much I have changed since high school, how I have fallen into routine, forgetting to make use of the youth I have (and I don’t mean YOLO). R really helped me to realize this, reminded me the thrill and excitement of spontaneity. 

Even though R had left New Zealand, it is still amazing to be keeping in touch with her even though it’s a long distance friendship. Maybe it’s because we are family, brother and sister in Christ, to know that even though we may or may not lose contact someday that we will see each other in heaven, but this time:

                                  “run(ning) through Heaven’s brilliant streets of gold,                                                                                       Shouting “Hallelujah, Christ!” alone. ”                                                                                           – // I Know – Kings Kaleidoscope


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